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Top brunch & breakfast spots in Antibes

Where to bag a good breakfast and soak up the atmosphere

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A freshly baked buttery croissant and a good coffee is a real treat when you are on holiday anywhere on the Côte d'Azur.

For some reason, it makes us feel very continental and sophisticated to sit back and relax at a café overlooking the Antibes harbour, checking out the morning joggers as they trot past. And nothing beats a long and lazy Sunday brunch with family or friends where you can eat good food and enjoy great company. We have a few favourites, but this is just scratching the surface of the great places to eat in Antibes.

Top 4 brunch & breakfast spots in Antibes 2018

L'Atelier d'Isabelle

Located on a small cobbled street in Antibes with a sunny terrace and a cosy interior, L'Atelier d'Isabelle is immediately enticing.

This is exactly the kind of place you can imagine spending a Sunday with friends, tucking into Eggs Benedict with a twist. The menu here is unique, to say the very least, although you can certainly get your fill of sausage, bacon and eggs, you will also be surprised with the inventive nature of the cooking and the use of fresh seasonal produce.

As the menu changes each week you can be assured never to get bored.

Top 4 brunch & breakfast spots in Antibes 2018

Choopy's Cupcakes and Coffee Shop

For those with a sweet tooth then a cup of tea and a slice of cake is just about as good as it gets, and you can't get much better than Choopy's Cupcakes and Coffee Shop.

With a wonderful selection of cupcakes in a variety of flavours and chocolate chip cookies to die for, this is going to give you a sugar boost and warm fuzzy feeling inside.

If you fancy a cuppa, a cake, a plate piled with pancakes and maple syrup, cookies or just a cosy coffee shop with a warm and friendly atmosphere then Choopy's is the place for you. Their breakfast menu also features eggs, pancakes and pastries, gluten-free and vegan versions available.

Top 5 brunch & breakfast spots in Antibes 2018


A haven for vegans and vegetarians in Antibes, Graze is a small café and deli offering delicious cruelty-free breakfast options.

Organic smoothie bowls, raw and vegan cakes and cookies, breakfast wraps, Mexican hot chocolate, Chai, Matcha and Turmeric lattes, buckwheat and rhubarb pancakes...and a lot of other guilt-free delicacies.

Top 5 brunch & breakfast spots in Antibes 2018

Lucky Break

This trendy coffee shop has two locations, one nestled right in the heart of the old town and another one near the train station.

They boast about having the best coffee in Antibes, serving only specialty beans, and their breakfast menu is full of international favourites such as bagels, pancakes, eggs with bacon and loads of homemade cakes, all prepared with organic ingredients when possible.

And their coffees display the best art in town!

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