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Bike Park Mougins, Mougins

Mountain bike park in Mougins, free of charge

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This area specifically designed for skills and fitness improvement in Mougins is open throughout the year.

  • Pump track: Track with bumps and sharp turns. The purpose of this track is to maintain – or even increase – speed by rolling on the bumps, pumping between bumps and in turns... without pedalling, of course. For beginners to advanced, from age eight.
  • Dirt area: Tracks for performing figures and jumps (from age 12, blue and red track).
  • Ludik Par : Area with wooden modules and light-relief grounds, to provide safe conditions for youngsters to learn mountain biking and acquire experience rapidly from age six (green and blue track).

Four downhill tracks in the heart of two hectares of forest; four downhill tracks to start, improve and hone your skills. Each track features 24 modules (bumps, drop, wall ride, mini-wall, whoops, etc).

• Black trail (expert level, steep slope, very difficult modules)
• Red trail (experienced level, steep slope, difficult modules)
• Blue trail (intermediate level, medium slope, moderately difficult modules)
• Green trail (beginners’ level, gentle slope, easy modules)

Fitness area: stainless steel modules enable everyone to stay fit at their own pace, to work their abdominals, pectorals, slim, do some cardio...from age 14 / beginner to advanced.

Signage: Signs have been placed in all mountain-biking areas, with information on the itinerary, age and conditions of access, safety instructions, emergency phone numbers. They are there for your information.

Opening hours: Access to the Bike Park is possible weekday: 10:00-19:00 (until 20:00 in June/July/August/Sept).

Watch this

Watch out for

There is no parking here. You will need to find parking nearby and then cycle to the area.

Who should go

This is suitable for all ages from age eight and above. Some of the features are most suited to older children but each area is signposted to suggest who it is suitable for the skills needed to progress.


Map of the surrounding area